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http://www.bike-berlin-copenhagen.com/generell infoside mange linker mot overnatting
http://bicyclelover.altervista.org/Copenhagen-Berlin.htmlBra beskrivelse
http://be2co.blogspot.no/Rimelig detaljert Blog beskrivelse
http://dione.no-ip.org/AlexisWiki/Cycling/BerlinCopenhagengpx filer og detaljert tabell
http://www.bitrot.de/bike_copenhagen.htmlBeskrivelse og bilder
http://antipattern.net/weblog/detours-to-copenhagen-on-a-bikeGrei logg fra en kar på egenhånd
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Men_on_the_BummelThree Men on the Bummel, Mulig sykkellesestoff


http://www.velomap.orgKlar for Garmin

Sitater og annet diverse

How long does it take?

630 km… that's just a distance. Depending on your interests you should choose the duration. For the one who just wants to cycle it can be done in a week (or maybe less). For the one who is interested in landscape, regional food, sightseeing, history and/or relaxation it may become a trip of two weeks. And if you like detours and exploration you can get lost on this route in a positive way.

I would recommend to take as much time as you can. If you don't need it on the way you can for sure spend at your destination in Copenhagen or Berlin.

About Saddles

There may be a better land where bicycle saddles are made out of rainbow, stuffed with cloud; in this world the simplest thing is to get used to something hard.


If you take he Copenhagen option you'll find the going reasonably flat, but it's not pancake flat you seem to be always going up or down, just not very steeply and to heights of no more than 20 metres! but it does take your average speed down…… countryside can be quite open but in general is pleasant, can be nicely remote and near the lakes…. bordering on beautiful….give us a shout if you make this choice.

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