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Rute B

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Day 1Train from Berlin to Oranienberg.~40km
Day1ACycle from Oraneinberg to Fürstenberg (Havel)-Canal riding, some asphalted paths through forest.~60km
Day 2Fürstenberg (Havel) to Neustrelitz-Rough sandy paths mostly through forest.~30km
Day 3Neustrelitz to Waren-Forested paths, gently rolling hills through farmland.~40km
Day 4Waren to Güstrow-Forested paths, roads through forest and farmland. I loved the section in between Krakow Am See and Güstrow.~60km
Day 5Güstrow to Rostock + Ferry Ride to Gedser (Denmark), then Gedser to Nykøbing Falser-Farmland, paved roads. The Scandlines Ferry booking website is http://www.scandlines.com/en. It cost me 14E when I took the ferry.~40km
Day 6Nykøbing Falser + Ferry Ride from Stubbekøbing to Bogø, then to Stege + 13km detour to Møns Klint-Farmland, paved roads. There is a bus from Stege town out to Magleby, which is 4km from the YHA. It's bus no. 667 and it goes once an hour or thereabouts.(Gedser-Stege) ~65km
Day 7Island Møns Klint to Store Heddinge-Farmland, paved roads.~70km
Day 8Store Heddinge to Copenhagen- Farmland, paved roads.~65km

Overnattings forslag

Below is a list of the places I stayed. (On average, the cost was 30-40E a night for the pensions, 20-25E for the hostels.) There are many more B&B's/pensions along the route (especially in Germany) than the web indicates, and all of them seemed to have free rooms. In my experience, you could go without booking ahead. In addition to B&B's, the map of the route also shows all camping grounds. I think someone commented that camping sites are few and far between. That's true, but there are just enough so that I think you could, with a little bit of foresight, camp all the way.

  • BERLIN Grand Hostel Berlin (Hostel) Tempelhofer Ufer 14 10963 Berlin, Germany Tel: +49 (30) 200 95 450 Website: http://www.grandhostel-berlin.de/
  • FÜRSTENBERG Karl-Heinz Tippelt (B&B) Goethestraße 3 16798 Fürstenberg/Havel Tel / Fax: 033093 / 32007 Mobil: 0174 / 4050060 Website: http://www.pension-tippelt.de/
  • NEUSTRELITZ Chinahaus (Hotel) Markt 6 17236 Neustrelitz Tel 0049(0) 3981 / 20 64 21 Fax: 0049(0) 3981 / 23 78 51 Website: http://www.chinahaus-nz.de/pension.htm
  • WAREN Jugendherberge Waren (YHA) An der Feisneck 1a 17192 Waren (Müritz) - Germany Phone: 0049(0) 3991/186900 Fax: 0049(0) 3991/186904 Website: http://waren.jugendherbergen-mv.de/
  • GÜSTROW Jugendherberge Güstrow (YHA) Schabernack 70 18273 Güstrow Tel. 0049(0) 3843/ 840044 Fax: 0049(0) 3843/ 840045 Website: http://guestrow.jugendherbergen-mv.de/
  • NYKÖBING FALSER Falster City Camping (Camping) Ostre alle 112 4800 Nykobing. Vnter Tel +45 54 85 45 45 Mob +45 61 65 65 93 (They have cabins, but don't supply bedding. Just 500m away from the Youth Hostel.) Website: http://www.fc-camp.dk/
  • MÖNS KLINT (YHA) Danhostel Møns Klint Langebjergvej 1 DK-4791 Borre Tel. +45 55812030 Fax +45 55812818 Website: http://www.danhostel.dk/moen
  • STORE HEDDINGE (YHA) Store Heddinge Danhostel Ved Munkevænget 1 4660 Store Heddinge Tlf.: +45 5650 2022 Fax: +45 5650 2022 Website: http://www.danhostel.dk/store-heddinge
  • COPENHAGEN (YHA) Danhostel Copenhagen Downtown Vandkunsten 5 Copenhagen Denmark Tel: +45 7023 2110 Fax: +45 6980 2005 Website: www.copenhagendowntown.com

Bike & Equipment

Thursday June 7, 2012

I took a Brompton M6 and the T-Bag pannier. There were a number of reasons for this. The previous summer I had taken a Surly Long Haul Trucker to Norway, which was great, but it's such a huge hassle to pack the bike into a cardboard bike box, and my heart was always in my mouth as to whether it would be damaged by the airline. I love touring, and I wanted to work out a way in which I could fly without this fear, and also fly from place to place without taking an hour or two to put the bike together again or take it apart. To not go through this rigmarole could mean that I would be able to do shorter tours like this one. I looked into Bike Fridays-and if I were doing a 'proper' tour which had hills in it, I'd definitely buy one of theirs-but the Brompton, with its quick fold mechanism and size is very useful for living in New York City and the daily commute to an office which does not allow bikes (but does not seem to recognize folded bikes in black bags). So I bought the Brompton and a hard traveling case from B&W International. I checked toiletries in the case-it came in at 24.6kg-and took the T-Bag as carry-on. The TSA opened the case, but they had the sense to put the bike back the right way. The hostel I stayed at in Berlin was willing to keep the case for me while I cycled. (DHL wanted to charge me 300E for shipping it to Copenhagen.) The bike performed very well, but there was a worrying clicking noise in the pedal the last 20km. The saddle was terrible-I had to purchase a gel pad to be able to bear it.

The Brompton was a plucky little thing. For those little wheels, she performed admirably well. Would I take her again? Yes, but with a comfier saddle and more days to ride the same distance. There were days that felt too rushed. The headwind also didn't help things.


Saturday June 2, 2012

You need to buy Radfernweg Berlin-Kopenhagen by Bikeline (http://www.esterbauer.com/db_rtb_detail.php?buecher_code=BKH) You'll see from my comments about the condition of the trail that the map is essential.


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