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 ====== Kanal 2015 ====== ====== Kanal 2015 ======
-Einar og Bjørn er i gang med planlegging av årets tur, vi andre venter i spenning....+Einar og Bjørn er godt i gang med planlegging av årets tur.
 ^TurNr^Link^ ^TurNr^Link^
 |01|[[http://​​vacations/​destinations/​france/​aquitaine/​cruises/​the-delicacies-of-aquitaine-cruise/​itinerary-and-activities|Castelsarrasin to Le Mas d'​Agenais,​ via Montauban]]| |01|[[http://​​vacations/​destinations/​france/​aquitaine/​cruises/​the-delicacies-of-aquitaine-cruise/​itinerary-and-activities|Castelsarrasin to Le Mas d'​Agenais,​ via Montauban]]|
 |02|[[http://​​cruiserresults-new.aspx?​Duration=7&​Base=ALL&​People=6&​Children=0&​Babies=0&​Date=5/​10/​2015&​BaseName=ALL&​Region=France%20-%20Aquitaine&​RegionCode=AQ&​Currency=GBP|Boating Holidays]]| |02|[[http://​​cruiserresults-new.aspx?​Duration=7&​Base=ALL&​People=6&​Children=0&​Babies=0&​Date=5/​10/​2015&​BaseName=ALL&​Region=France%20-%20Aquitaine&​RegionCode=AQ&​Currency=GBP|Boating Holidays]]|
 +|03|[[http://​​midi/​boat-holidays.htm|Castelnaudary - Toulouse round tripCastelnaudary
 +Castelnaudary used to be the largest port between Toulouse and the Mediterranean.From here the canal crosses the Lauragais region with avenues of ancient plane trees and colourful fields. Port Lauragais, Naurouze, Villefranche are a cycle ride away.After a decent towards Toulouse, the rose pink city, the Garonne river takes you into the town centre where the historical landmarks include the St Semin basilica, Capitole Square and Notre Dame de la Grace.
 +130km 48 locks 26hr round trip cruising time ]]|

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