0: Innledning

Dersom dere kommer på noe, gi besdkejhd tosddfwfq'<wd cvøperqwrdf oreel,rlkdxc jono

1: Husk gyldig pass !!!!!

2: Det må legges opp til bouleturneringer underveis! Straffereaksjoner for:

1: Gris i kanalen; 1 runde butikkøl (Newcastle Brown e.t.) 2: Kule i kanalen; 1 runde of Best Bitter på nærmeste pub.

Og hvem tar med boulesett? Hvis jeg ikke hører noe, tar jeg med Odd W sitt sett som er hos meg.

3: Hva er med og ikke på båtene?

  • Sengetøy, både dyner, puter, dynetrekk, laken etc, er med
  • Håndklær, men det anbefales å ta med xtra selv
  • Barbersaker og sånt må dere ta med selv, men og Jon leier ut tannbørste (fast pris uansett brukerantall, ): £2/døgn
  • Alt annet må dere ta med selv (bruk hue for f«#¤%¤R&TY(&&))((=/%¤¤¤#)

4: Ankomst, kontakter osv

Det er lagt inn diverse tips om dette på forumet og linker (bl.a. togsider), sjekk dette. Husk også at det ligger info om hvem som kommer når på deltakerlista. Deltakerlista har også grei info mht mobilnummer etc, husk +47 foran nummeret.

5: Her er hva noen av utleiefirmaene skriver…

Dersom de illiterate har problemer med hva ord som «Wellington» etc betyr/innebærer, ta kontakt med Peter eller Jon på tlf eller e-post (se deltakerlista). Glem heller ikke at det finnes butikker i UK.

WHAT SHOULD I TAKE? Bring a sensible selection of informal clothing, but bear in mind that storage space is not unlimited! Non-slip shoes, boots and a set of waterproofs are essential. At any time during the cruising season the weather could alternate between brilliant sunshine and rain, warm and cold, so come prepared! Boating is an activity that is enjoyable in a wide range of weather conditions, but you do need protection for the extremes of climate. However, we are pleased to say that mast of the time the English weather is not too unkind to holidaymakers.

Personal clothes, waterproofs, Wellingtons, warm clothing, table linen and consumable items such as toilet cleaner and toothpaste. Some games and paper for the children are useful - camera, binoculars and books on natural history if available. Canal holidays are casual holidays so best leave the suits and ball gowns behind. English weather can bring «four seasons in one day» so remember sweaters as well as a waterproof coat and sunny weather wear. Stout shoes, gloves and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty are a good idea if you want to walk and help with locks. Don’t forget torch, camera, sketch book and book to read, but remember storage space is often limited so don’t bring too much. Your boat will be very well equipped with all necessary cooking utensils, crockery etc. In addition, wet weather overalls are generally provided for the helmsman (although hopefully not used too much!). Life jackets are always available on request, especially for young children.

Additional specific items you may want to bring include towels, teatowels, a torch, camera, binoculars, a good waterways guide (such as Nicholson's), enough food supplies for a couple of days cruising (check the location of convenient shops along the waterway with your hire operator), non-slip soft deck shoes and protective gloves (for working locks). Remember also that the sun's rays are much more powerful when you are on the water, so sunglasses, protective cream and a sun hat are recommended to avoid burning.

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